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What Techniques Could the Scrum Master Use?

A Scrum Master is essential to creating agile teams that can deliver value using Scrum. They are servant leaders and influencers, helping remove obstacles and facilitate meetings that help the team succeed. They act as a bridge between product development and product management.

The Scrum Master, along with the Product Owner, is part of the leadership group and is responsible for creating a working environment for their team.

What Techniques Could the Scrum Master Use

What techniques can the scrum master use?

The two techniques are below mentioned:

  1. Involve the complete Development Team

  2. Use coaching techniques; such as open questions and active listening

Good scrum master facilitation boils down to one or two things. Firstly, it must be able to manage the flow and drive action. Start the session with a clear goal, and ensure that everyone is fully engaged.

Here are some techniques to help you do this.

  • Focus on a single topic. Focus is key.
  • Begin with a fun, small, and relevant warmer. I like to invoke a feeling. For example, I provide a sentence structure that each person must complete.
  • Provide context and clear instructions. This is what I find the most challenging part. Try to be as concise and as clear as you can. You will be more confused if you use too many words and do not use too many words when doing activities.
  • As you speak, write or draw your ideas. This is a great way to clarify misunderstandings and encourage people to create their ideas.
  • Involve everyone in an activity that requires them to do or say something.
  • Pay attention to body language, listen to what is being said and then react. If you notice people getting restless, take a break. If they are interested in a topic other than the one you had planned, adjust.
  • A parking lot is a place you can leave notes and other information that are not relevant to the meeting but which you don’t want to be forgotten. Designate a spot on the whiteboard where you can write these items for everyone to see.

What technical skills does a Scrum Master need?

Facilitates Scrum team agreement, including stand-ups, backlog meetings, sprint planning, team reviewing, retrospectives, and sprint planning.

  • Knowledge of Scrum principles, values and practices
  • For team needs, adapt the Scrum framework.
  • Coordination with other teams or stakeholders
  • Understanding the technical product and its processes
  • Removes obstacles and resolves problems
  • Communicates well and listens
  • Collaborates with other groups and organizes group tasks
  • Coaching colleagues to success
  • Adapt to changes

What is the Scrum Master responsible for during the Sprint Retrospective

  • Facilitates agile meetings.
  • Encourages Scrum principles and values through coaching and mentoring.
  • Solves logistical and meta-problems.
  • Supports the team and addresses team dynamics.
  • Works as an interface between product owners and the team.
  • Protection of the team against outside distractions and interruptions.
  • Team progress report.
  • They facilitate the retrospective, daily stand-ups, sprint planning meetings and sprint reviews.

Scrum Masters should be as comfortable ordering pizza for the team as they discuss team priorities and processes with their senior managers.


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