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Who is Brittni Mealy?

Brittni Mealy

If you’re wondering, “Who is Brittni Mealy?” then you’ve come to the right place. The Instagram model and Unicorn Universe founder recently made headlines. She’s been spotted in numerous publications, including Upscale Magazine’s Mommy issue, where her face was featured.

Brittni Mealy

Future’s baby mama

After making it official that he was no longer dating his former girlfriend Lori Harvey, Future is back on the market and in a new relationship with his baby mama, Brittni Mealy. Although they’d been dating for a few months, Future recently made their relationship public after keeping things low-key. In addition to making their relationship public, Future and Lori Harvey spent some time together in the Middle East, and even jetted to Miami and Turks & Caicos.

A video of the two kissing on a bed was uploaded to YouTube, and fans were quick to react. Although some people thought Mealy was communicating something about her relationship with Future, others didn’t see that as a message. Some thought she was referring to a baby ritual, while others joked about the fact that Future has a lot of baby mamas to choose from. In the end, Future’s baby mama should focus on saving money to spend on her baby.

The rapper has six children. He is father to two sons with Jessica Smith and two daughters with Ciara. His sixth child is due to the singer Eliza Reign, and the rapper has also had children with Brittni Mealy. Despite the rumors that Future is dating a new woman, he’s also battling two separate paternity lawsuits.

Unicorn Universe founder

Brittni Mealy is the owner of the Unicorn Universe online store. She is also the mother of Prince, Future’s seven-year-old son, and a fashion influencer. Her company specializes in clothing and accessories, as well as a mentoring community for aspiring entrepreneurs, called Unicorn University. She has a huge social media following, with over 460,000 Instagram followers.

Future’s baby mama, Brittni Mealy, has spoken out about abusive messages sent to her son. She is a detriot who has close to 500,000 Instagram followers. She recently posted screenshots of abusive messages Future sent her son.

Brittni Mealy is one of the most followed people on Instagram. She has 469K+ followers as of August 11, 2021. The entrepreneur is also the founder of the clothing line Universe Unicorn, which offers cute tops, joggers, sunglasses, and other fashionable accessories. 

Instagram model

Brittni Mey is a very successful Instagram model and has received numerous offers from fashion brands. She began modelling at the age of 10 and has since gone on to become a world-famous artist and model. Her work has been featured in fashion magazines and she has appeared on many television shows. She has also worked with Vogue and Burberry and has even won a ‘Model of the Year’ award twice. Today, she is a top Instagram model and a well-known face on Twitter.

The 20-year-old Aussie model was very active on social media and loved camping and adventure. Her final post talked about being a big sister and jet skiing in the Mediterranean Sea. She’s death has triggered a flood of condolences from fans and friends. Brittni Mealy Facebook page has also been flooded with posts from friends and family.

Instagram has a harassment policy in place to protect its users. Users can report people who harass other users. The app also has a way to report convicted sex offenders.

Her Son Prince Wilburn

Prince Wilburn is the celebrity son of Future, a popular American rapper. The rapper is also the father of several other children. His mother is Ciara, and his father has six other children from different women. Future and Ciara got engaged in October 2013 and were married in August 2014. Prince Wilburn is an American citizen and a Sagittarius, which means that he is born under the star sign of Sag. Little is known about his education.

Prince Wilburn is an American celebrity child who has a lot of fans. His father is a successful hip-hop rapper and his mother is a successful entrepreneur. Both parents have established their owns businesses, and have a good reputation in the entertainment industry. Prince’s birth sign is Sagittarius, and he also has half-siblings Future, Londyn, Reign, and Legend.

Prince Wilburn is very active on Instagram. He uses the handle @whereprince to post photos of himself and his family. His posts have gained him more than 5 thousand followers. He has his father’s net worth of $40 million, and his mother is a successful businesswoman. Mother also owns a jewelry store, and he often posts pictures of his family.

Mother to Future

Future has been a busy boy lately, and it looks like he is in the midst of a big drama with his baby mama, Brittni Mealy. She recently accused the rapper of calling her a “h*e” and posted screenshots to prove her claim. She later apologized for her actions and said that she was “just trying to protect her baby.” Future denied her allegations, calling the allegations “cap.”

Future and Brittni were married in 2009, and Brittni gave birth to their son, Prince, in 2012. But they split up soon after. Now, Brittni is a busy woman, running clothing lines called Unicorn Universe and From Britt. She also runs a mentoring community called Unicorn University for aspiring entrepreneurs. She also has a huge social media following, with over 460,000 followers on Instagram.



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