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Why Are AI And Automated Machine Learning Essential In The Manufacturing Industry?

When topics about AI are brought up, a lot of people probably immediately think of robots and computers. Because of how it is usually depicted on TV and in movies, they have these ideas that, while not totally wrong, only tell a fraction of the story.

Did you know that you encounter AI all the time in your daily life? Every time you are on your phone, checking your social media, or doing some online shopping, you are essentially using AI. When you are using car GPS and navigation or going into a building with security and surveillance cameras, you are exposed to AI too.

There is no denying that AI has spread far and wide, and has become indispensable in today’s modern and digital world.

Quick Facts About AI

  • AI or artificial intelligence is a field in which computer systems or machines are developed to copy human intelligence.
  • It consists of algorithms, which are sets of rules or instructions to perform a task or solve a problem.
  • It has two types — weak and strong. Weak AI is a system specifically designed to perform one task. An example is a smart personal assistant that answers you when you ask a question. On the other hand, strong AI is a system specifically designed to take on more human-like tasks. An example is a self-driving car.
  • It is used in a wide variety of applications and with varying ranges of sophistication and complexity levels.

AI In Manufacturing

Nowadays, AI and automated machine learning (ML) systems have become an integral part of various industries. In the manufacturing sector, particularly, Automated AI Manufacturing or automated ML manufacturing systems have elevated how tasks and processes are performed and executed. By adopting AI, manufacturing companies can gain a wide range of benefits, including:


Manufacturing tasks and processes that are repetitive and can be carried out by following a particular set of instructions can be better handled by AI. Human workers can get bored, tired, sick, or distracted after doing the same things over and over, but automated AI manufacturing and Automated ML Manufacturing systems do not and can get the work done faster and more efficiently 24/7.

Error Reduction

Relying on human workers to perform tasks and processes that take long hours to complete comes with certain risks. People working non-stop for extended periods of time can lead to a decrease in their energy levels and focus and can make them prone to committing mistakes. They can miss important details that, whether minor or major, can negatively impact your operations.

Forecasting And Predictive Analytics

Determining areas of strengths and weaknesses is crucial to achieving your short-term and long-term goals. With AI’s smart forecasting and predictive analytics features, you can identify which areas have the highest potential for your growth and development and which need to be tweaked or scrapped. From failure prevention to resource management, it can collect crucial information to help you fine-tune and optimize the aspects of your manufacturing operations that need to be improved.



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