FinanceWhy have KTM Bikes made a Big Name in...

Why have KTM Bikes made a Big Name in the Indian Market?


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The KTM bikes in India have reached a new height of becoming one of the top 5 brands in the nation. With its high quality and exceptional design, not only has it been able to create a name for itself, but also make all the other bike brands fight for their own space.

KTM is one of the most reliable motorcycle brands in India. It has a wide range of bikes to offer you at different segments, and each has its own share of strengths and limitations. The bikes are known for their high performance, astounding quality and above all a decent price-to-features ratio. KTM motorcycles have been riding the Indian roads since many years now, and have never disappointed any rider with their astonishing performances.

The list of bikes from the KTM series is as follows:

  1. KTM 200 Duke: The KTM Duke 200 is a powerful street bike with a sporty design that offers a captivating on-street presence. This model comes in a single variant and two colors, black/orange, and white/blue. It has a 199.5 cc engine that has helped enormously to the riders by delivering great power to the rear wheel. The front and rear disc brakes come along with an anti-locking braking system that makes maneuvering easy for beginners. The unique styling of this bike includes innovative graphics of black and orange combined with a ceramic white tint that makes it highly attractive.

  1. KTM 250 Duke: The KTM 250 Duke is a perfect street bike with the look of a powerful machine. It is one of the most desired bikes that offer excellent performance, comfort, and handling on the track or highway. It has an upgraded form of updates in the bike. The headlight, braking system, and suspension setup are similar to its sibling models. Because of its small displacement engine, shorter wheelbase (1405 mm), and lighter weight (115 kg), it accelerates more quickly than 200 Duke. However, riding on corners will require some courage as the wheels can easily lose traction if you overstep your limits while cornering at high speed.

  1. KTM Duke 390:  The KTM 390 Duke, updated and extremely sporty. The sportiest of all sport bikes, it has enough to please any serious biker and is designed for the hottest biker with the coolest look on the road. The KTM 390 Duke comes in two colors with a fresh design and new graphics to give it an impressive look. The new ride is powered by a 373.2 cc engine which makes 43.5 Bhp of power at 9500 rpm and 31 Nm of torque at 7000 rpm.

Why is Duke so famous?

KTM bikes are considered as one of the best in the world, and KTM Duke 390 is also a bike worth buying. Love for these bikes is out of the box, and you’ll witness madness among riders to choose Duke. Even second-hand KTM Duke 390 has a massive demand in the market. Here’re some points that will help you clarify why you should choose a KTM bike in India.

  1. A Killer Look

KTM bikes are always considered as one of the best motorcycles in the world. Not only due to their refined performance and high power, but also for its superior engineering that makes all KTM bikes easy to ride. Bikes from this manufacturer always have a good value for money ratio. So if you are planning to buy a new motorcycle, then don’t waste your time with any other brands or models. Just grab one of these 150cc KTM bikes and experience an unmatched riding pleasure.

  1. Unbelievable Features

Apart from the performance and engine, this motorcycle features an attractive design that is well-equipped. It craves special bike accessories and components. This KTM motorcycle is loaded with gills and incredible features which positively affect the bike’s performance. The bike’s price might be on a higher side because it offers four times more performance than other bikes in this category offer.

  1. Low Cost of Spare Parts 

KTM’s are unique motorcycles and are manufactured locally, this has helped the company avoid high costs of spare parts and maintenance fees. The fully digital instrument console and WP upside-down front forks are easily replaced with the availability of parts from local vendors. This manufacturer has made the bike very fuel efficient, yet powerful so the rider can enjoy long distance rides on these bikes. Muthoot Capital is a leading non-banking financial company which has been expanding its services for a wide range of customers to help them achieve their financial goals.

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