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Why You Need an Asbestos Consultant

A firm that offers asbestos consultancy should have a proven track record of satisfied customers. They should also be able to offer nationwide coverage.

Asbestos is a dangerous material that attributes to thousands of deaths and serious lung conditions every year. That’s why professional asbestos consultancies are needed to ensure that building work is carried out safely.


In many cases asbestos is present in older buildings and homes, but is not always a danger if left undisturbed. It is only when asbestos fibres are disturbed and inhaled that they can cause problems for humans, with symptoms often not showing until 20 or 30 years after exposure. For this reason, asbestos consultants are essential for any project that may disturb or potentially disturb an area of a building.

An experienced asbestos consultancy can provide a wide range of services, from writing survey and removal specifications to acting as Principal Designer and project manager for larger construction work such as demolition and refurbishment. They will understand the complex requirements of CDM (construction design management) regulations, ensuring that all potential risks are identified and managed properly.

They can also help with any training needs for estates teams, maintenance teams, CDM duty holders and facilities management teams, ensuring that the correct health and safety practices are followed at all times. They can also assist with industrial disputes caused by the discovery of asbestos, bringing a level head to meetings and providing a calming voice.

Getting into the asbestos consultancy industry is not easy and requires extensive training and experience. An apprenticeship is one way to gain the required skills and experience, with the aim of becoming a fully qualified asbestos surveyor.

Health and safety

Asbestos is a dangerous material, past exposure currently results in around 5000 deaths per year. Therefore, any organisation that operates non-domestic properties needs to have a plan in place to manage asbestos. In order to do this, they need to hire an asbestos consultant.

An asbestos consultant is an expert in identifying and analysing any materials that may contain asbestos, and advising on how to manage them. They are also able to advise on any health and safety measures that should be put in place whilst dealing with these substances.

There are several reasons why people may contact an asbestos consultancy, from a home renovation project to a demolition site. If a building has the potential to contain asbestos, it will need a survey to be conducted before any works are undertaken. This will ensure that the property owner is aware of any risks and is able to meet their legal obligations under the Duty to Manage regulations.

The type of survey will be tailored to the individual property and its requirements. However, there are some common types of surveys: Asbestos Screening – Usually involves targeted sampling of damaged and potentially friable suspect ACM. Limited Asbestos Survey – Similar to a screening survey but more extensive. Path of Construction / Pre-Renovation Asbestos Survey – The most comprehensive type of survey, this will involve sampling of all areas that are expected to be disturbed during renovation and demolition activities.

Impartial advice

Asbestos is a dangerous substance that can lead to serious health problems such as respiratory difficulties, lung diseases and mesothelioma. It was widely used as a construction material until it was banned in 2000 and many buildings built prior to that date could contain asbestos. This is why it is crucial to contact a specialist when working on any building where there is the potential that asbestos may be present.

An asbestos consultant can carry out a survey on the property, testing materials and advising which course of action should be taken if any of it is found. This includes putting together plans and specifications for removal, helping to select an asbestos abatement contractor and overseeing the work being undertaken.

When choosing a firm to provide you with asbestos consultancy, look for a company with a solid track record of satisfied customers and a nationwide footprint. A well established, highly respected and experienced asbestos consultancy will be fully invested in your safety and success.

They will be aware of the latest regulations around asbestos and have a strong understanding of the industry that they work in. They will be able to recommend solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and work well for your business. They will also understand the pressures of running a business and be able to suggest solutions that will help you keep within your health and safety regulations whilst still allowing you to do what you need to do.


Asbestos is a highly emotive issue and can have a huge impact on people, especially those affected by it. Having an asbestos consultancy on hand can help to calm these concerns and provide support. This can include assisting with industrial disputes that are caused by an asbestos discovery, or simply offering a calming presence in meetings with contractors, managers and union officials.

The services offered by an asbestos consultancy will vary depending on the company, but a good consultancy will perform testing, sampling and assessment of a building before work begins. They will also prepare asbestos management plans and assist with clearance monitoring. They may also provide training courses and write legislation to prevent asbestos exposures.

Homeowners are often at risk of being misled by asbestos consultants and contractors. There have been cases where firms have encouraged unnecessary removals, and in other instances, these removals have been performed improperly. This can increase health risks for the occupants and can result in higher costs.

An experienced asbestos consulting will work closely with a builder to ensure that all abatement is done properly. They will draw up the specifications and help select qualified contractors to carry out the work. They will also conduct post-removal checks to make sure that the building has been cleaned effectively. This can also save time and money in the long run.



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